Block Exemption in Walsall
12th August 2011
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Most people think that when you have a new car you have to take it back to the main agents for servicing.  However, did you know that Block Exemption means that the owner has the freedom to service their car where they wish as long as the garage is VAT registered and services vehicles to manufacturers standards.

By doing this it means that you don’t have to pay main agents prices. Not only can you save money but you are also more likely to receive a personal, more convenient service from a local garage. You can rest assured that using an independent, local garage to carry out maintenance won’t invalidate your vehicle assembler’s warranty either (as long as they meet Block Exemption criteria).

So save money and get a better service by using your local garage in Walsall. Stan Reynolds Garage meets all required criteria and is a member of The Good Garage Scheme and therefore can be used with confidence for servicing vehicles under warranty.

Click here to read more about Stan Reynolds Garage or contact them on 01922 430937

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