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11th March 2015
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Which are better blinds or curtains? This may be a question many people ask themselves when they are looking to dress their windows either to refresh a room or after it has been decorated. 

Well we have come up with 6 reasons why blinds make the perfect choice:


With ever increasing costs it's nice to know that blinds are more affordable than curtains - With a vast choice of styles and to suit every budget.

If you have ever gone and priced for a set of curtains you will find out how expensive they can be, especially when you start looking at different headers and number of widths in each curtain.

Blinds let you control the light

A major benefit of blinds is that you have the ability to control the amount of light entering your room. With slatted blinds you can adjust from fully open to a complete closure, allowing you have to control instantly.

Blinds take up less space

With blinds having the ability to be fitted in a window recess they can run flush with your wall, so avoiding catching them on your existing furniture and creating more space

Blinds are modern and stylish

Blinds continue to trend set with a vast selection of colours and designs to perfectly compliment your existing colour scheme

Blinds are less of a fire risk

With curtains, as they stretch from floor to ceiling and are made of a flammable material, they are considered to be a greater fire risk than blinds

Blinds are easier to keep clean

Blinds can easily be kept clean and are extremely low maintenance. With curtains absorbing smells and dust they are more likely to need cleaning more often to keep them looking fresh

So there you have some of the reasons to choose blinds over curtains every time

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