Bjorn the Polar Bear Visits Walsall
9th December 2015
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When you go Christmas shopping you usually expect big crowds, queues, and a long wait on the car park but never a polar bear!

Although last weekend at Old Square Shopping Centre this was very much the case. As Bjorn, the life size, animatronic polar bear amazed Walsall shoppers on Sunday. 

Children were able to stroke and take photos with Bjorn, who moved, blinked and even made noises. This was possible due to a performer inside Bjorn operating all his movements, which include the facial animations and opening of the mouth.

Whilst shoppers were interacting with Bjorn, his "herder" Ursula taught the children about Polar Bears and their natural habitat throughout the day.

To show the shoppers what would be Bjorn's typical environment, he walked around a specially built inflatable ice sculpture.

Did you meet Bjorn on Sunday?

Let us know what it was like!

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