Be Breast Aware in Walsall
16th November 2011
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Being 'Breast Aware'means getting to know your breasts

Remember that most breast changes are not breast cancer. Becoming familiar with your breasts and how they normally look and feel ensures early detection and treatment.Check breasts monthly in shower/bath.

Check for;

Size:if one breast becomes larger, changes in shape or position.

:Nipples: drawing in, discharge or bleeding.

:Rashes: on or around the nipple(areola).

:Skin changes:dimpling or puckering, changes to the surface of the breast.

:Swelling:lumps or thickening to the breast area, under the armpit or around the collarbone (the lymph nodes).

: Pain in any part of the breast or armpit.

:If you notice anything unusual or are worried, go to your GP.

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