Avatar was superb in 3D
28th December 2009
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Went to see Avatar in Walsall yesterday.If you are going to see this film I suggest you try and go to a 3D showing.

Avatar without doubt was one of the best films I have ever seen,in my humble opinion I believe that in 10 years time people will look back and see this as the turning point in film making.

Whilst maybe a little long this was not just a film but a complete sensory experience.

So if you have not yet been I recommend you go and find out for yourself.

On the subject of films had a blue ray player for Christmas.If you are into home entertainment then I suggest you get one.Though make sure you get a HDMI lead as this brings out the full quality of picture and sound. Fortunately I had one already,but bet there were many people who had a blue ray player on Christmas day and were left fuming as the lead did not come with it.

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