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25th September 2020
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Coinadrink Limited is a trusted vending company supplying hot and cold drinks, fresh food, snacks and water to the West Midlands and immediate surrounding areas. Amongst other things, a key attribute that sets us apart from the competition is our pledge for quality. And with our range of refurbished vending machines, you can enjoy the “Coinadrink quality” for less. 

Our history has been built on the belief that vending machines are an excellent solution to providing food and drink on site. They can even boost the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce, which is why they are now strongly regarded as a necessity to have. We feel that everybody should have access to these benefits.

As part of our pro-active CSR strategy, we make every effort to reuse our vending machines. In a lot of cases we do, though if a vending machine exceeds 8 years old then we can no longer guarantee the sort of quality we want to provide to our customers. In this case we will appropriately discard the machine using the correct channels.

You can read more about Coinadrink's CSR strategy here.

Our refurbished vending machine range covers hot drinks machines, snack machines, cold drinks machines and water coolers, though only certain models.

How we guarantee quality with our refurbished vending machines.

Every vending machine that we bring back from a customers’ premises gets thoroughly checked for the condition it has been returned to us in. We then decide whether we ourselves can carry out the refurb, or whether this needs to be done using a trusted third-party company we work with.

If we can handle the refurb ourselves, the vending machine will then go through a 30-point checklist that leaves no stone unturned. This includes a variety of maintenance, from sanitising all contact parts to stripping and replacing the major components. The boiler is also removed to be appropriately descaled.

Essentially, then, our refurbished vending machines are pretty much brand new where it really matters. The machine is then put through a rigorous test to make sure everything operates as it should.

Just because you’re having a refurbished vending machine, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the sort of additions you want. Just like what we offer with our new machines, we can individually set up your machine to suit your requirements. This includes adding vinyl finishes and your corporate branding and colours.

If you’ve visited our website or been on our social media channels recently, you will have noticed the arrival of Purezone antimicrobial technology. Compatible with a number of our vending machines, Purezone is a transparent film that reduces the number of bacteria and viruses on your equipment. It is unaffected by our general cleaning protocols and doesn’t require you to change the way you use your equipment.

As a welcome bonus for customers enjoying one of our refurbished vending machines, you can now enjoy Purezone technology as standard, providing your equipment is compatible. If it’s not, you will still enjoy all the hygiene standards that set Coinadrink apart from the competition. This delivers complete peace of mind.

Get started with a refurbished vending machine.

We recently produced a blog post about the benefits of having a vending machine in the workplace, including the fact that they are cost-effective and easy to use and maintain.

A refurbished vending machine introduces these benefits for less and is a great way to experience vending. As our stock varies, why not contact us today about what you can currently enjoy?

We’d love to hear from you!

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