Are your tyres safe on the wet roads in Walsall
14th July 2011
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With the showery weather that we’ve been experiencing lately it’s important to check your tyres.  Your tyres are the only contact point between the road and your vehicle.  To check that your tyres are able to cope with the rainy weather you need to check your tyre tread depth, the tread pattern helps to remove water from the road service which in turns allows your tyre to grip properly.  If your tyres do not have adequate depth you could suffer from loss of grip which could lead to longer stopping distances and reduced handling.


If you notice that you have less than 1.66m tread across the central three quarters of the tyres give etyres a call.  We can come to your home or workplace to fit your new tyres.  We are also offering a 5% discount to thebestofwalsall members.  See our information page here for details.

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