Are my Blinds safe?
12th June 2015
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Any Blind Ltd are proud to support the Make it Safe Campaign and stock child safety wands for blind cords that can be a simple solution to preventing your child from being vulnerable to the dangers of looped cords and chains

It's been twelve months since the new laws around Child Safety for Blinds were introduced - There are now many options for 'safe by design' blinds

Making your existing blinds safe

Looped cords and chains from Blinds can be very dangerous for children when they are within their reach.

To ensure your existing blinds are safe, keep all cords and chains secured out of reach of babies and young children but there are a range of devices to help you. It's quick and easy to make your blinds safe.

In order to do this, Any Blind can install Child Safety Wands to your Blind cords. These can be easily fixed to your existing blinds so there is no hassle in making your blinds safe.

The Child Safety Wands are available in two sizes, 60cm for windows and the larger 125cm which is ideal for longer windows, patio doors and conservatories.

With these child safety wands, Any Blind Ltd can help to give you peace of mind for little effort and expense.

Make sure your new blinds meet child safety laws

Many Blinds now come 'Safe by Design' meaning that it is cordless or has concealed or tensioned cords.

Also, some have in-built safety systems meaning they do not require additional installation to make them safe when in operation


To find out more about how you can make your blinds child safe or to order your child safety wands, call Any Blind on 0333 121 2020

Any Blind Ltd are based at Unit 12, Old Hall Industrial Estate, Revival St, Bloxwich, Walsall, WS3 3HJ

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