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22nd July 2015
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In response, I get some interesting answers and to be honest, some not so interesting ones too!  Sometimes I’m met with the words “I’m an accountant”.  Well so am I but I try not to say that.

It’s not that I’m embarrassed by being an accountant; it’s more about how I think others perceive you when they know you’re an accountant.  After all, we don’t exactly have a reputation for being desperately exciting individuals, do we?

You see, I think I’m a bit different in what I do. I’m not a Chartered Accountant or a Certified Accountant and I haven’t worked for a firm of Accountants. I’m a Management Accountant, who’s worked in business, producing company accounts and, more importantly, explaining them to non-Accountants, from the shop floor to boardroom level. 

Not many Management Accountants have their own business, whereas I do and I use what knowledge I’ve gained to explain to small and owner-managed businesses what their numbers mean.  I do this either by being their accountant or through my 1 day workshops.

So, getting back to our original $64,000 question, what do I say, when asked what I do – “I help small businesses understand the finances of their business”.

If you need a hand with your business accounts, or you just want to be able to look at a balance sheet without the urge to run to the hills, get in touch – it’s good to talk!





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