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9th April 2010
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All In the Wrist?

Pain in your wrist means there's a problem in your wrist, right? Actually, we take a larger view, looking for nerve interference in several possible places.

Double Crush: No, it's not the latest wrestling move! Double Crush occurs when nerves going to or from the wrist are pressured in the carpal tunnel, and the spine, shoulder, neck or elbow. Resolving carpal tunnel problems requires looking beyond the wrist.

The Tunnel: The 8 small bones that run from your knuckles to your wrist are called carpals. They form a "tunnel" for the nerves and tendons that control your fingers to pass through. If any of the bones forming this tunnel loses its proper alignment, nerve pressure, inflammation and pain can result.

Chiropractic May Help: In carpal tunnel cases, chiropractic adjustments often produce excellent results. If you have wrist pain, conduct this simple test. If the findings suggest further evaluation, email our practice at or give us a call: 01922 634959.





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