A boxed water cooler is a sustainable employee perk your business desperately needs.
19th July 2022
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Black Country vending machine firm Coinadrink Limited has recently announced an exciting new addition to their water dispenser lineup. The boxed water cooler from Well Water represents a fantastic employee perk that leads the way in simplicity, hygiene and sustainability. 

A boxed water cooler functions in similar fashion to a bottled water cooler in that it doesn’t need to be connected to a mains water supply. The obvious difference however is that it draws water from a box rather than a bottle. 

It’s because of this that a boxed water cooler carries huge benefits for both your business and staff.

Starting with your business, and this boxed water cooler can help you meet your sustainable goals as part of your CSR policy. This is arguably the biggest breakthrough of switching to boxed water. 

The dispenser works in tandem with Scottish Natural mineral water, available in 6 litre, 10 litre and 12.75 litre boxes. These boxes can also be purchased individually for home usage. All are BPA-free but most importantly are 100% recyclable using your existing waste streams on site. 

As an example, a 10-litre box of water replaces 40 plastic bottles, 40 caps, 40 labels and any additional associated packaging. 

Having the ability to simply throw your used water boxes away on site means we don’t have to come and collect them for you. This reduces travel miles and ensures we ourselves are taking another sustainable step for our planet.

Now for the staff benefits. 

Scottish Natural mineral water is sourced from organic protected certified land within the scenic Lammermuir Hills in the Scottish Borders. This guarantees maximum refreshment from your new hydration facility thanks to a clever innovation as part of the dispenser itself. 

Unlike a bottled water cooler which requires the water bottles to sit atop the equipment, boxed water sits inside. The dispenser will draw from one box at a time but can store a minimum of three more in the optional base cabinet below, saving on vital storage space. 

Each box has its own tap that protrudes through the dispenser for easy use, which helps guarantee clean and uncontaminated water with every pour. No water is left to stagnate in the chambers of the machine. 

Again, this means zero travel miles for us to sanitise your equipment, but the biggest benefit for you is the hygiene aspect. And because the box sits inside the cooler, no oxygen or light can penetrate it, so its natural qualities are preserved even for extended periods of time.

This represents genuine, leading innovation that is good for your business, good for your staff and good for our planet. 

Boxed water coolers are available now from Coinadrink, as are the boxes of water themselves. A water dispenser has always been great for canteens, kitchens, reception areas and more to represent a leading employee perk.

A boxed water cooler takes this perk to the next level. Contact us today for more information.

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