5 unusual ways to melt fat and achieve your weight loss - from Walsall's Fat Loss Expert
26th August 2010
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Paul here, I hope you are having a great day. Here is a super article I have just prepared for you with 5 unusual tips which you can use to speed up your fat loss success!

1. Eat the protein first

It has been scientifically proven that protein will burn 10 calories per every 100 calories of protein consumed, compare this to carbohydrates which burn only 4 calories per every 100. So it makes perfect mathematical sense that protein is going to burn more calories as we eat and what’s more, the digestion of protein will also increase your satiety resulting in your body feeling fuller for longer. Now if you are anything like me, when you are hungry you will reach for a quick fix which tends to be the put-fat-on-me-ass foods. I could give you a list of benefits your body will see when you incorporate protein into your fat loss diet but the number one reason why YOU must be eating protein, is, 1lbs of muscle per day will burn approximately 50 calories for doing nothing at all other than maintaining muscle metabolism.

Now after a hard workout your body will need to recover and rejuvenate. Protein in your diet will repair and recruit more muscle fibres. So lets consider, together we are going to melt away 10 lbs of fat from your belly, hips, thighs bum and arms, A-N-D at the same time we are going to put 10lbs of muscle onto those bones. Now that’s 500 calories (a HUGE chunk) you will be burning per day for doing nothing at all. You’ve become a fat burner and you now melt away fat in your sleep. Niiiiice.
2. Chew your food

One thing we do very well in merry old England is CLEAN THE PLATE!
We are accustomed to showing our appreciation for the meal we have in front of us by eating everything on your plate. To not do so, would be just damn right rude!

Hey I’ll be the first to put my hands up to being a plate licker and certainly at social meal's you can’t be seen to be leaving any food on your plate BUT if you are serious about your fat loss success, you must have a plan. Now unless you are a wolf, you should not be eating like one, and NOT chewing your food is one easy way to eat an excess of calories that will ultimately be stored as fat… Chewing your food will allow your brain to communicate with your digestive system and recognise when you are full, avoiding over eating. Aim to chew 20 times with each mouth full and feel fuller.
3. Drink 1 pint of water before your meal

We have just mentioned the benefit of satiety through eating your protein on your plate first and simply chewing your food to recognise when you are full. This next tip will ensure you will never feel empty after a meal again, unless you are on one of those low calorie diets marketed by those big watcher weight companies.

Drink 1 pint of filtered or bottled water 30 minutes before your meal and this will promise your will feel fuller for longer. So why filtered or bottled water? Theres 350 toxins found in UK tap water. Including heavy metals, and even oestrogen. Toxins (believe me now) will make you fat and this is why you must drink the right water if you want to see fat loss and to NOT drastically hinder it. Above all, water is the essence of life, if you are ever dehydrated by just as little as 5% your energy will slump by a whopping 30% resulting in your metabolism and fat burning dropping to an all time low. NOT GOOD, and therefore, I urge all my fat burners to consumer 3-4 litres of clean water per day (evian or volvic are great choices) and this alone will surge your energy levels and flush out the toxins. If you would like to know more about water and my unstoppable fat melting plan, download your FREE weight loss report here.
4. Eat around the clock

Your metabolism is how fast your body is going to burn calories. I want you to consider your metabolism as a fire. On that fire you are going apply wood to keep the flames burning high. Remove wood/fuel and you will find the flames will burn low. Exactly the same your body requires food to fuel your fire that is your metabolism. Now after 8 hours of sleep a night your body will naturally slow down as your body is less active. Come the siren of your alarm clock in the morning you need to kick start your metabolism with a nutritious rich breakfast that is going to get your energy revving and fat burning. The thing is with everyone’s “I’m too busy so I’ll just get fat” attitude they miss breakfast and wait until around 12-2pm when their body is crying out for a quick fix to keep functioning with the stresses being endured. Not only is this quick fix more than likely going to be excessively high in calories, because you have gone possibly 12 hours or more since your last meal, your body has gone into starvation mode resulting in your metabolism dropping lower than ever and therefore any calories consumed are going to be stored onto those annoying stubborn areas.

Eat small and often meal to ensure your metabolism is kept burning. At Fat Burner Bootcamp we do not have to worry about small meals so much since we eat fat burning recipes.
5. Cook with Coconut Oil

Do you want to increase your metabolism by 48% for the next 24 hours? That’s a whole lota fat burning! All you have to do is replace your cooking with olive oil and use a tablespoon of coconut oil. This stuff is fat loss dynamite! Coconut oil also contains two acids (one of these is found in mothers milk) that is ultra effective at protecting your body from yeast and Candida. If you have an overgrowth of Candida fat loss can come to a sudden halt and you will experience symptoms such as poor concentration, fatigue and sluggishness. However the biggest side effect of Candida is the commonly known carb-cravings, which will dramatically occur during the autumn/winter season. Join Fat Burner Bootcamp to discover the fantastic recipes you can have which coconut oil and the benefits of exercising in sunlight. Read on...
Another way to avoid the carb-cravings is too get sunlight exposure, which will increase your body’s natural production of vitamin D also known as the sunshine vitamin which is going to flood your body with the feel good serotonin hormone. By the way it is no coincidence why you will reach for the chocolate on dark winter months. Sweet foods such as chocolate, confectionary foods they are all pack full of artificial serotonin boosters. Unfortunately that cupcake at lunch will give you a small high, followed by a huge insulin spike and weight gain.

Ok so that was 5 tips, but you can always count on me to over deliver. I would love to here your comments below and for more information on my total body transformations at Fat Burner Bootcamp, visit www.FatBurnerBootcamp.com

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