3 Day Detox in Walsall
20th July 2015
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Blog by Coach Wilson of The Team Workout


Lately i’ve been thinking about about detoxing.

Mostly, because i’m getting ready to launch a "FREE 4 Week Boot Camp Weight Loss Challenge in Walsall” and because I’m finding a lot of my personal training clients in Walsall, are in need for a simple strategy to follow that fits their busy, hectic, active and often stressful lifestyles - where they can let their liver and digestive system have a well earned break, in order to kick start the liver into oxidising triglycerides to produce energy - thats just fancy talk for metabolising fat.

There are many benefits to a liver detox, especially for people struggling to lose weight.

Weight gain is like punching the liver in the nose as inflammatory signals coming from your white adipose tissue (stored fat) and bacterial imbalances in your digestive tract, like candida, are likely causes for an expanding waistline thats not getting any smaller - no matter what you try.

Sadly, if your liver isn’t able to convert all this dietary fat and sugar into useable energy, then as all this food comes in, it’s going to pile up in all the wrong places all over the body - hardening your arteries, your brain and accelerating the ageing process.

I could go on with my conviction, but I thought i’d just show you a simple plan to let your liver and gut have a well deserved 3 day holiday.

Download your 3 Day Detox here


Coach Wilson

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