A few Simple Tips to Protect Yourself After a Motor Accident
25th March 2013
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Motor claims, in fact any claims can be stressful, especially if they start to go wrong.

Just a quick tip for everyone, based on a few experiences received recently. We’ve been dealing with a few motor claims, with denials by the other drivers the incident even took place, or worse still exaggerated damage claims or injury claims for 'passengers' that weren't even in the car.

Everyone gets upset, when either they can’t prove the incident, or worse still the feeling of being taken for a ride by a fraudulent third party. Damage to the other persons car suddenly is more extensive than you remember, all his 4 passengers have whiplash, but you recall the driver was on his own. Things like this ultimately cost the insurer much,much more than it should or could.

Cash for crash claims are rising, and ultimately, we all pay for those fraudulent claims in our premiums, with little defence or proof the insurer can use to protect you means very often it is cheaper for the insurer to pay the third party their claim than instruct solicitors to help defend you.

There are things you can do to help protect you, your no claims and your reputation in the event of an accident. Our advice to all our clients is to always take a few photographs of the accident.

It just amuses us that with most people owning camera phones and quick enough to get a snap of the dog drinking from the toilet, or a baby with a potty on its head to post on Facebook, but in the event of an accident, nobody ever thinks to capture a few pictures that could prove invaluable.

Things like this always help your case, and prevent someone trying to do the dirty on you, and will always enhance your claim against them.

If you are unlucky enough to ever have a collision, a few snaps showing both vehicles area of damage, road location, showing the cars positions along with a view of the road layout, parked cars etc, driver and passengers but most of all the other persons registration number can prove vital in proving your innocence.

I would even go as far as saying, this can be more important than a witness, all too often witnesses will happily give their details at the time, but a few months later, when the Insurer writes to them for their version, either become forgetful, or the most common scenario, is they completely ignore the letters they receive.

Also, by deliberately taking pictures, or better still, (if you can) video image of the immediate aftermath of the incident can be a valuable deterrent in its own right.

A third party may think twice about exaggerating any claim in the first place if they are aware of the fact you have done your homework and intend to protect yourself.

One last thing, obviously, only take snaps if it is safe to do so, and you won’t put yourself in a compromising position. The other guy may not be receptive to you taking photos of him or his car, so sometimes it may pay to do this quietly and slightly secretive. Just make a quick evaluation of the situation first to establish the best course of action.

The next thing to do, would be to report the incident to your insurers as quickly as possible. Claims costs can be drastically reduced if the insurers can make swift contact with the other person with their own offer to repair their car, and provide a hire.

Remember, the more proof you can provide to an insurer, the more defence they can provide, and hopefully, you won’t be taken for a ride.



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