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Fancy getting your trainers on and taking part in a free 5K parkrun in the Walsall area? Read on to find out more about parkrun locations, Junior runs, course details and start times.
January Toe Blogs
January Toe Blogs
New Year...New You! Here are our top tips to getting fit without the ouch!
Do you remember the last time you had an eye test?
If you're struggling with stubborn verruca, contact PB Podiatry for their Swift Verruca Treatment!
If you're struggling with sleeping during the heatwave, check out our top tips to get a cool nights sleep!
Are you looking for something to keep the kids busy and active over summer? Try these summer camps by Sports Plus Scheme!
Whether you need to loosen some knots in your back with a back massage or need to release your thoughts with a head massage, see this blog for the best places to get a massage in Walsall!
National Smile Month!
National Smile Month!
This month is National Smile Month (13th May to 13th June)...
See here for all the top tips you need to keep your feet looking and feeling healthy!
Stress Awareness Month 2019
Stress Awareness Month 2019
Stress Awareness Month has been held every April, since 1992.
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