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Penham Excel are certificated County Court Enforcement Agents and authorised High Court Enforcement Agents. They are baliffs and debt collectors operating in Walsall and across the UK. The company also offer unathorised traveller and squatter removal in Walsall and across the UK.

Company Background

The Company have been working with Local Authorities throughout the Country collecting outstanding Council Tax, National Non Domestic Rates, Sundry Debts and Road Traffic Fines for almost twenty years.  Their record on collection of such debts is the envy of many enforcement agents.

Services Offered

  • Baliffs
  • Debt Collectors
  • Enforcement
  • Unauthorised Traveller/Squatter Removal
  • Tracing absconded tenants

The High Court Enforcement department are able to transfer any debts that you may have that are £600 or more – where you have obtained a County Court judgment – whether it be via the Money Claim Online Service or as a result of a court hearing where you have a sealed judgment in your favour. 

The process is simple and all you need to do is to send a copy of the judgment or relevant Court Order to our office and they will do the rest for you.  There is a Court Fee of £66 for the issue of a High Court Writ but the processing of the transfer up is done FREE of CHARGE for you by their solicitors. 

You can find more details about High Court Enforcement by downloading our ebooklet - please click here 

Penham Excel are specialists in the removal of travellers with or without a Court Order.  There is a misconception that a Court Order is required for the removal of unauthorised encampments however as the owner of any land you can instruct Penham Excel to remove unauthorised travellers/squatters utilising powers afforded to us under Common Law.  This can often be actioned on the day of instruction – getting rid of the unwanted occupiers before they leave too much rubbish or damage your property, but more importantly damaging your reputation with local businesses and/or customers.

The Commercial Department can assist you with the collection of Commercial Rent utilising the powers under CRAR, and even if your relationship has broken down with a tenant we could forfeit the lease on your behalf.  This can be done without the need for Court action and they can action your instruction on the same day as it is received.

Penham Excel can also trace previous tenants who have absconded – giving you the information to initiate action against them with a view to collecting outstanding debts including service charges and insurance!

Contact Penham Excel

If you have any queries concerning enforcement or would like further information or advice,  please do contact Penham on 033 000 20700.

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