MATCO Megamart
  • 1-2 Retail Business Park
    Pleck Road
    WS2 9HA
Are you looking for a local food wholesaler or Asian supermarket in Walsall? Then MATCO Megamart is the place for you! Offering food from 5 continents and halal food options, MATCO Megamart offers a large a variety of food to meet your needs.

Are you a business in Walsall looking for a local food wholesaler? Or a resident wanting fresh food products from a local supermarket? MATCO Megamart on Pleck Road offers both wholesale and supermarket food option, sourced from 5 continents. 

Whether you are looking to buy in bulk for your business or home, or buy individual food products, MATCO Megamart offers a variety of different products to help you create fresh, tasty meals! Special offers are often available across the international foods. 

The store has many things to offer including -

  • Halal meats
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Continental Vegetables
  • Frozen Fish
  • Family Favourites
  • Spices, Herbs & Marinades
  • Tinned/Jar Foods
  • Everyday groceries
  • Curry pastes & masalas
  • Baked goods
  • Dairy produce
  • Asian cakes & biscuits
  • Asian sweets
  • Daals & lentils
  • Cooking oils

and much more!

Halal products

At MATCO Megamart, they pride themselves on stocking halal meats in their stores. Whether you a buying in bulk for your restaurant, or in need of some fresh meat for your dinner, this supermarket can help. 

Walsall's largest independent international supermarket

MATCO Megamart supply a wide range of foods that are synonymous with the country they come from at a fair price and in large quantities. They also deliver to a range of popular takeaways and restaurants in the West Midlands.

Food from 5 continents

From Asian sweets to rich spices and herbs from the Far East to Caribbean fruits bursting with vibrant flavour, MATCO Megamart's mission has remained the same, to supply the very best foods from all corners of the earth at excellent value for money.

Contact MATCO Megamart

Visit MATCO Megamart at Unit 1 - 6 Pleck Road, Walsall, WS2 9HD and make use of their free parking.

Alternatively, call them on 01922 647878

Opening hours:


9:00 am - 8:00 pm


10:00 am - 8:00 pm


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