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Are you in the market for a new or used vehicle in Walsall? Specialising in finding the perfect vehicles for their clients and offering affordable finance plans, Find & Finance are highly recommended for their hassle-free and straight forward service.

Find & Finance is a premium vehicle buying service, for the everyday buyer. They work on behalf of you to make buying your next used car, van or motorbike - a simple, safe and special experience.

Find & Finance launched, with a clear vision - to transform the customer experience when buying a used vehicle, creating a car buying service that is quite simply unrivalled in the UK.

The motive was simple - after 6 years working closely with hundreds of independent dealerships, franchised dealerships and regional/national car supermarkets - what became clear was that the focus was nearly always on “selling the car” rather than providing the customer with a service tailored to them - a service that helps and guides them through the various difficult stages of “car buying”.

Buying a car is never an easy task - it is often time consuming, stressful and full of uncertainty.

Find & Finance changes the dynamic of the traditional car sales business model. Their business model is based heavily on advice and recommendation - working for and on behalf of the customer throughout the entire journey when buying a new or used vehicle.

It has been built, from the ground up, with the strong belief that an exceptional customer experience is key to the entire car buying process.

How do Find and Finance define an exceptional customer experience? They believe that an exceptional customer experience is one that is... Simple, Safe and Special.

Using these 3 key words to help set the foundation, they create a service that provides;

1. Simple =  Ultimate Convenience

One phone call to them and they source your perfect car, van or motorbike at an unbeatable price with full service history and a comprehensive inspection, saving you time, hassle and money! They even deliver it direct to your door.

2. Safe = robust guarantees and comprehensive warranties

Could you spot a potential problem when looking at a used vehicle? Find and Finance offer rigorous background checks and a vehicle inspection as standard so you have peace of mind that your vehicle has been maintained and cared for throughout its lifetime, and a 12-month warranty with every sale! So, you can be 100% confident that your new car, van or motorbike will be safe.

3. Special = a service entirely tailored to each individual customer

Because they do all the hard work, you can simply enjoy your new car, van or motorbike! No more trawling through ads to find the right vehicle at the right price, trips up and down the country viewing potential vehicles and negotiating with sellers and organising pick-ups. So, when it arrives at your home, it’ll feel all the more special.


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