What’s damaging your business today?
6th July 2015
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What’s damaging your business today?

Is it a bad review? Been let down by a supplier? Your technology stopped working? Or even cybercrime? Things happen, some you have control over others you don’t.  


At our fortnightly networking breakfasts we try and give our members and guests good info to help build and keep their business safe.

Friday’s networking breakfast was great; with a real buzz we kicked off with introducing  our three new members, the sixty seconds round always give us good information on the members and what they are looking for or been up to lately.

This Friday we were so lucky to have a great guest speaker who could put our members in the picture on cybercrime.

I was so pleased to have been asked by Paul Harris the deputy police and crime commissioner to attend and speak to our members and guests about cybercrime.

Paul introduced us to Steve Fenn and with a PowerPoint show he talked about the challenge of Cyber Crime on our businesses.

He talked about the two types of cybercrime ……………Pure cybercrime = committed through the USE of ICT and ………………Cyber enabled crime = can be committed without technology but is assisted by it.

Steve gave an overview on what cybercrime is, scale of problem, and effect on small businesses, what can be done to prevent this kind of crime and what the police are doing.

We all know cybercrime is targeting businesses, especially larger businesses but also affects small businesses like you and me. As Steve put it, he didn’t want to frighten us all but with Cyber-attacks costing the British industry 34 billion a year, it’s something we cannot ignore.


Steve highlighted the effects such as financial loss from theft or disruption of trading doing business, also it can damage a business’s reputation and that’s the last thing any of us want.

I loved the cyber security top five basics tips. All something we should know and do, but great to have a little reminded.

  1. Download and install software updates.

  2. Strong passwords.

  3. Delete suspicious emails.

  4. Use anti-virus software.

  5. Train your staff to do the same.

Steve talked about using “Action Fraud” to report fraud or attempted scams or viruses.

We will be holding our next networking breakfast at Greenmeadow Golf and country club, Cwmbran.

17th July 2015. Book through the office.  Another great guest speaker will be attended.

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