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4th September 2015
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There is no need to stay away from the garden just because of the cold snap!

Let me explain why it’s best to get the hard work down in the winter.

They’re not many people who, like myself, likes the winter, but like it or loathe it, when it comes, it comes or does it?  The way the seasons are today it’s hard to say what we will get in way of weather.  I love the musty earthy smells, the brilliant bright colours of falling leaves and the glowing conkers that the autumn brings and then as the winter colours set in, the ethereal beauty of bare twigs, silvered with frost.  As a child I remember each of the four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter when the snow fell, everything was white.

 Spring was fresh green and yellow in colour; summer was usually hot and steamy. Autumn was a wonderful time crisp dry leaves that you can kick around as you walked still warm with a hit of the cold to come. Winter was white clean still and seemingly quiet.  As the autumn and winter months come in you did things differently, you were extra warm coats, hats, gloves, you even ate differently homemade hot soups, stews, meat pies and of course jacket potatoes baked in the oven for hours (minutes in a microwave) these would be covered in butter and then of course the hot chocolate before bedtime. You look forward with joy to Christmas it was a wonderful time, when outside you would start to think of the first ray of sun on your face and look forward to spring the flowers starting to bloom and everything would be new.


However in this topsy-turvy world today even the seasons seem to be mixed up, we have just gone through what must be the wettest summer we’ve had in a long time, I people have been moaning and groaning of where is the summer and now we’re already into autumn with winter looming.  This is when I start to feel that we could be missing out on some think and that something is the winter garden.  There are many people who close their doors in October not to open them again until April. May be some feel there is nothing to look at, or do in the garden during the winter months, but this is the time when you can kick start the garden into shape ready for the summer now is the ideal time to start planning next year’s garden. Whether it’s a makeover, or just to plan for the summer months to come, if like many of us during the heatwave pass summers you glanced around your garden and said “I’m determined next summer to have the garden of my dreams.”  Then now is the time to get it done. Don’t let time run away with you. Last summer we saw an increase in calls from people sat in disappointing gardens and wanted a fast makeover to make the most of the sun.


Dig it landscapes designed and makeover a number of gardens, but there were still many that couldn’t be fitted in before the end of the summer sun and this year with the disappointing summer we have had many more. Its peak time, the phone is ringing off the hook, and we are working back to back on jobs, think about this if you want good workmanship would you be surprise if when you rang you were told we are busy?  If the weather is good a good landscaper will be busy, if the weather is bad, a good landscapes will have work booked in. it takes time, from the first call, viewing the job, quotation, booking in, and then start date. So when I say now is the time to contact us for your garden work in the New Year I mean it, I just hate saying sorry we can’t fit you in.  Even with a wet summer we have been very busy because our clients booked last year for this year we’ve been lucky that we were able to pack plenty of work in from what was booked in from last year and at the very beginning of the year.  In December the weather is often not that bad, work can continue it is also best to start planning the dream garden. Now’s the time for new ideas and for a fresh look at your garden you may not want a complete makeover but there’s still lots of work to be done. Plants may not be in the right place and need moving, now is the time to think about that looking at how to replant them. Preparation is the key and you can reap the rewards when next summer you are enjoying your beautiful garden. For more information on being able to start next summer with that perfect garden call Dig It Landscapes on 01495758648 or check us out on The Best of Torfaen site.

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