National Sister Day
28th July 2015
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Sister's day is a day reserved to the sister or sisters whom you distinctly love although you also fairly fight with sometimes.

This day is not only limited to your biological sisters, it is extended to your half-sisters and step-sisters.

Annually National Sister Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August, this year it's the 2nd August.

Some sibling facts for you:

The eldest are typically more intelligent than the younger siblings.

The common root of conflict among siblings is property, whether it's just an old toy or a dress. Claiming possessions is a basic way of authority and control establishment.

When was the last time you enjoyed your sister's company?

True you might spend a large amount of time under the same roof, but it's not the same as having quality time.

This National Sister Day create opportunities for you to bond with your sister/sisters.

If you can't spend the day with your sister maybe just a phone call will do.

Happy Sister Day Everybody

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