Back to School- Parents guide
29th August 2014
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It's that time of year again- back to school! Make sure you're geared up with all the equipment the kids need, theres not long left to get organised. Its a brand new year for the kids- they can really show off their skills and most will be fresh faced and determined to show their teachers and parents how much they have grown and learnt in the past year. For others it's an opportunity to start a fresh and really excel in their learning. The summer time is over; of course they don't want to go back to 'boring school'. However, don't panic they will soon get back into the routine of school life.

No more late night's, sleepover's or worrying where they are! Instead, swapped for early mornings, alarms, forever set to 'snooze' and early to bed! Do you as a parent prefer you're children to be at school all day or at home all day? I know most will be relieved to have peace and quite, so they can relax. Others maybe worried; maybe it's their childs first year in High School/ Comprehensive.

It seems these day's that school's are demanding more- not only do you have to pay the high cost for uniform but you also have to have all the right equipment and travel expenses. How does this applyy for you? Play groups such as Busy Bee's Nursery and Kids Club in Blaenavon, offer their children all the equipment they need by using Office Cash and Carry in Cwmbran as their suppliers. Schools in the area would definatley benefit from buying their own equipment in bulk; they could even sell onto pupils, it would be cheaper than buying from a high street brand. Also, schools and playgroups could even make a small profit to help them raise funds.

 Here are some tip's for you to share with your kid's who are going back to school:


Youtube Guru's have great ideas on studying and memorization.


Going back to school can be very stressfull for them, make sure they know exactly what classes they have that day and in which classrooms. Also, make sure they are up nice and early so they don't forget anything.


Make sure they have packed their bag the night before and you have a nutritiuos lunch waiting for them in the morning.


Desk accessories- It's a well known fact that a neat, good looking work area will make them study harder!

Bethany Christopher

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