A Christingle.
10th December 2014
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How to make a Christingle.

To use on Christmas Eve.

Cut a small cross in the top of a orange, but make sure you have something like a tray underneath it to catch any juice. Place a square of foil over the cross and then wedge a candle into the cross.
Place a red ribbon around the middle of an orange, or you can use red tape.
Skewer soft fruits ( such as raisins, sultans and cherries) and soft sweets on four cocktail sticks and then insert them into the Orange around the base of the candle.
You may need to cut a slice from the bottom of the Orange so that it has a base, store in a cool place.

What it means.

The Orange represents the world and the red ribbon the blood of Jesus.
The fruits and sweets on the four cocktail sticks represent the four seasons.
Finally the lit candle symbolises Christ, the light of the world.


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