The Observatory - Lymington Salt Marshes
20th July 2015
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Over the next six months three artists will each take it in turn to work in residence at The Observatory on the coast path at Lymington.

The Observatory consists of two charred wooden cabins, one a studio and the other a public shelter and workshop space. Both cabins are capable of rotating through 360 degrees at the turn of a handle, to enable the artists to change their view as they explore their surroundings. The artists will spend up to eight weeks each making work in response to the beautiful and unique environment on the New Forest coast, engaging with passers by as they work.

Katie Surridgebetween 13th of July and 7th of September 2015.

Katie studied at the Slade School of Art. She was also selected as a Royal British Sculpture Society, bursary winner in 2011. She is currently training as a blacksmith. Katie’s sculptures often incorporate found material from her surroundings. The work when viewed close up reveals small intricate details of the materials that make up the piece. These could be sand, gravel, or other items that often go unnoticed. By drawing attention to every day items, and using them in an unusual way, Katie invites audiences to look them

Alice Angus Alice Angus – between 7th of September and 2nd of November 2015.

Alice Angus’ work combines public art, illustration and textiles using drawing, embroidery, digital textile printing. She is interested in people, stories and heritage of places, with a particular emphasis on human relationships to landscape. Alice will be keen to hear from people who live, work, visit, study and care for the Lymington-Keyhaven Nature Reserve and The New Forest National Park to learn about the natural and social history, human stories and folklore that are bound up in the landscape of the Salt Marshes.

Jilly Morris between 2nd of November and 28th of December 2015 (tbc) .

Jilly’s work includes, drawing, installation, sculptural interpretation, recording and collecting data, often using traditional craft methods such as stitch in a contemporary setting. Her current work is rooted in drawing and mark making, particularly with tools or objects not normally associated with the drawing process. Jilly explores the physical qualities of tools and their possibilities for mark making to produce richly activated textural surfaces that evolve over time time. Jilly is fascinated in how time affects the landscape and the communities that live with it.

The Observatory is located on a well-trodden public footpath and all the artists are more than happy to talk to passers by about what they are doing and will be involved in a number of workshops with schools and other groups during their residency. For more information on the project and to keep up with what the artists are doing please go to

Prior to moving to Lymington, The Observatory was located in the South Downs National Park at Winchester Science Centre. Plans are in development for the Observatory to move on to West Dorset and Cornwall in 2016.

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