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SendOutCards offers a unique way to send greetings cards and gifts in The Highlands and throughout world. Offering a genuine way for people to reach out to others, these personalised cards have the ability to change lives and make days seem a whole lot better.


Cards and Gifts in The Highlands

Creating a Revolution of Kindness

Are you a business owner looking for unique ways to communicate with your customers and employees to show them how important they are to you?

Would you like to send personalised occasion cards and gifts to friends or family - simply and easily?

Then you should check out SendOutCards - a fabulous business in The Highlands owned by Lori Ondriska-Hogan. 

What is SendOutCards?

SendOutCards is a great company that enables you to send a card or a gift in order to thank an employee for all their support, reach out to potential customers or show an act of thoughtfulness to an existing customer or friend at exactly the right time.

Have you ever changed someone’s life or made their day with a personalised greeting card, postcard of gift – if not, check out SendOutCards today!

Creating your Card

Creating a card with SendOutCards couldn’t be easier.    

Whether you’re an individual sending a card to a friend, or a business owner who wants to send a number of great cards to clients, simply choose your design personalise them with your own message and/or photograph and let SendOutCards do the rest. 

Following many requests by users, SendOutCards offer a variety of bundles and tools options to suit your business requirements (but you can purchase the features separately if you require):


  • Custom Brand manager (brands the back of the card)
  • 4 signatures, so you can have your actual signature on your cards
  • 100 extra points for cards and gifts 

Marketing - All the personal bundle features plus: 

  • MRM training portal - online training on ways to use relationship marketing to grow your business
  • Handwriting font - scan your handwriting so it is one of the fonts offered on your account
  • Extra storage
  • 200 extra points 

Business - All of the above features plus: 

  • Multi-user accounts - separate sub accounts e.g. if you own a business with numerous sales people, there will be one main account but each sales rep can manage their own, separate account.
  • Extra training portals
  • 400 points
  • Unlimited storage

Pay as you Go

Pay for your cards as you go, no commitment

Monthly Subscription

You receive the lowest price and there is no contract – you are free to cancel at any time.

Always on the go? Then try SendOutCards on your mobile using their iOS app!  The process is effortless and you’ll find it great fun!

Once you have created your card(s), Lori and her team will print and mail them to any address in the world at a great price on your behalf.

Call now to see how SendOutCards could work for you – there is also a wide variety of personalised gifts available to suit every occasion.

Why Use SendOutCards?

 SendOutCards offers numerous benefits:

  • It's Convenient – you can store your addresses of your friends, customers or employees in one place and the card campaigns enable you to send the same card to as many people as you want.
  • You Won't Forget – SendOutCards helps you keep track of birthdays and anniversaries to ensure you never forget.  It will also keep your addresses secure and send you reminders.
  • Helps with Branding – the custom brand manager enables you to put your personal or business brand on every card you send out
  • Offers a personal touch – you get a great chance to keep in touch, express gratitude and show people what they mean to you
  • You'll save money – the cards really are great value for money.

Business Opportunities 

Looking for a fantastic business opportunity? A chance where you can work your own hours?   For a small investment, you could become an independent distributor for SendOutCards and benefit from:

  • Residual income
  • Financial security;
  • Earning Commissions
  • Earning Bonuses

Call Lori Ondriska-Hogan today to find out more about this unique business opportunity. 


SendOutCards – now you can change people’s lives with a greeting card or gifts in The Highlands

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