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CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer charity supporting children and young people that have been diagnosed with cancer. Being diagnosed with cancer is a frightening experience that’s why CLIC Sargent’s main purpose is to lessen the scariness and the pain from cancer by providing emotional support to young patients and their families to help them deal with the impact of cancer and its treatment.

CLIC Sargent Scotland

In Scotland there are CLIC Sargent Care Professionals in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Dundee who provide individual support to the children and young people and their families and help access financial support to families in need, to help them cope with the added cost of cancer, which can be a huge and unexpected burden.

There are also Paediatric Oncology Nurse Specialists in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee who explain the disease and treatment, carry out routine tests and treatment in the community and at the weekly clinics, give support and reassurance and helps to provide palliative care at home for those who will not survive.  There are also Nurse Specialists who liaise with agencies to reduce the number of people families have to deal with and youth workers who work with young people effected.

CLIC Sargent provides self catering accommodation for families at their Homes from Home at Cruachan House in Glasgow and CLIC Villa in Edinburgh, situated within easy access of the hospitals.

Whether a child is recovering or has a terminal diagnosis, Malcolm Sargent House at Prestwick provides holidays for families in a stress free environment away from a hospital situation.

In Scotland there are now four fundraising offices in Prestwick, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Inverness precisely at The Gateway, 1a Milburn Road.

Two shared care hospitals in Dundee and Inverness and three principal treatments centres placed in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen are taking care of young cancer affected patients every day, where CLIC Sargent nurses, play specialists and social workers provide support.

The friendly social workers, nurses, youth workers and play specialists provide vital clinical, practical and emotional support. They will guide you through the support you need.

For more information, please visit the website or call the number 01463 713080

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How CLIC Sargent has been created

CLIC Sargent was formed in 2005 after a successful merger between CLIC and Sargent Cancer Care for Children.

Sargent Cancer Care for Children was founded in 1968 by Sylvia Darley OBE as a lasting memory to the late Sir Malcolm Sargent.

CLIC - Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood - founded in 1976 in the south west by Bob Woodward following the diagnosis of his young son Robert with cancer two years before. Sadly, Robert died in 1977 aged 11 years, and Bob went on to dedicate his life to charity work

How CLIC Sargent supports children, young people and their families

The diagnosis of cancer changes the life of the affected and of those who are near them. Think about the time spent in the hospital, the huge amount of money needed, the emotional breakdown etc.

CLIC Sargent offers:

  • Clinical Support

  • Emotional Support

  • Financial Support

  • Free accommodation at Homes from Home which are close to the hospital so families can be near their children during treatment.

  • Free holidays and short breaks so that families can have the opportunity to spend some time together away from the cancer.

  • Information and advices for families to better understand the whole process of cancer.

  • The assistance of social workers, nurses, youth workers and play specialists

How YOU can Support CLIC Sargent Cancer

If you wish to support this charity organization check the website for a whole variety of events to suit every taste. Volunteers are always needed. You can make a monthly donation, a single gift or even donate through a text message! There are lots of ways you can participate.

Contact Peter Logie - Area Fundraising Manager North of Scotland by emailing or calling 01463 713080 for more information.


If you or somebody you know have been affected by a child or young person’s diagnosis with cancer and you wish to know more, visit the CLIC Sargent’s website at or call the number 01463 713080. 

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