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My Son started tuition lessons with Shropshire Tutor in September this year in preparation for his SATS. He was understandably a bit dubious about the whole thing but after just his first session, he was so happy! He absolutely loves his lessons and genuinely looks forward to the next one. He does his homework with pride and really wants to strive to do well. This is all credit to a wonderful team who really are making a huge difference many many children in their confidence and abilities as they embark on the next stages of their education.
My little boy has been attending tutor sessions for 3 weeks now and he absolutely loves it.. he asks constantly how many more sleeps until lessons and gets very excited... the homework is fun and i can already see that the sessions will benefit massively towards his move to primary school...
I would definitely recommend Adele and Shropshire Tutor, she helped my son massively who really doesn't; like learning, and made it fun for him, he really looked forward to her visits very week and came on in leaps and bounds after her tuition.
Both of my Daughter's have done the marvellous maths classes during the pre-school stage of nursery & they looked forward to every class! Adele's excellent tuition has made a real difference to their ability & confidence. I would highly recommend Shropshire Tutor!
The best teachers are passionate people. They love what they teach, they love being a teacher, and they love the challenge of helping each of their students learn. Their passion is contagious, and they infect their students with a love of learning. This sums Adele up perfectly! She brings out to best in my daughter, her confidence has grown enormously, learned so much and above all, my daughter has regained her enjoyment of learning. Thank you Adele, keep up the great work.
Our daughter has just begun marvellous math and letters and sounds with Adele. We chose to enroll her with shropshire tutor through her nursery in preparation for school in September. Eliza is enthusiastic about learning and this has been recognised and nurtured by Adele to ensure that her potential can be reached. Eliza is immensely enjoying her focussed sessions and looks forward to attending. We hope this positive relationship continues.
My son has been doin the letters and sounds now with Adele since last year, he really enjoys the session and has learnt so much, his speech has come on lovely, as you couldn't understand some words he would say. Adele is a lovely lady and I'm so pleased she does these sessions in nursery. It's also preparing him for school in more ways than 1... he loves doin his homework!! 😃 thank you Adele for all your hard work, i am very grateful and would recommend your service's. Nicola - parent of a pre schooler at ABC day nursery
What a great lady Adele is. She teaches the children and brings them on in fun and engaging activities and you can really see a difference even after the first few sessions with her! Fingers crossed for you Adele!
Adele and her team are professional, friendly and really make a difference.
I have worked with Adele for a few years now she attends one of the nurseries I work at she is helpful and knowledgeable enabling us to enhance our practice and give the children in our care the best start. Adele goes above and beyond to help and support nursery practitioners and I would recommend her to anyone. Well done Adele your a star.
Shropshire Tutor has been amazing! She has unlocked potential and confidence in my daughter well above any expectation. More importantly, she has started to enjoy learning again. It's fun! And she wants to learn more and more. Thank you Adele
Our son has grown in confidence and belief in his own ability since Adele started tutoring him. He looks forward to their sessions together,which is amazing after a day at school.
Adele helped Elisabeth get the best start n maths and she now loves it this is a fantastic local friendly business which puts the children first
Our daughter attended Adele's 11plus club last month. She had been having tutoring with someone else for the previous 3 months and even though we felt the person wasn't right for our daughter we carried on, as we had never been through this process before. As soon as we met Adele we knew instantly SHE was the perfect person and our gut instinct was right. The almost 'Victorian' way we had experienced was indeed not the way forward. The warmth and friendliness of Adele on our first meeting was wonderful. Our daughter was happy for us to leave her for a couple of hours and on our return we peeped through the window and she was immersed in her work and Adele had the biggest smile on her face and she didn't know we were peeking! Our daughter got in the car and said "that was amazing and awesome! can I go every week?!" High praise indeed! She absolutely loved it and clearly adored Adele, such an impression was made. Her confidence had been knocked a bit but my goodness Adele had boosted that in just 2 hours. Needless to say we think Adele is fantastic and Shropshire Tutor is doing a wonderful thing. We hope to have many happy years with her working with our children and can't rate her highly enough. Simply the best!
My son has never enjoyed school and has suffered with anxiety where any assessments are concerned. We enrolled him into Adele's classes and he loves it. He looks forward to the lessons and has even found assessments easier to manage. An excellent teaching approach and would recommend to anyone.
Adele played a huge part in preparing my daughter, Amelia, to start Reception last September. Amelia absolutely loved her weekly Letters and Sounds sessions at ABC Day Nursery. Thank you Adele!
One word.....fantastic! Adele is an amazing tutor! Both of my boys have excelled in their learning and become more confident in what they do. Shropshire Tutor are simply the best!
My son loves Adele! She makes learning so much fun , her child friendly teaching works so well . Every child comes out happy!! Fantastic job Adele!
The team at Shropshire Tutor are fantastic! I would highly recommend them as the level of support they offer is exceptional. In particular the SAT's classes have been so worthwhile not only from an academic side but has also helped to build confidence - outstanding!
Adele is a complete natural with children and also an outstanding teacher. The thought she put into her teaching is second to none and she does it all for the love of her job and to help the children achieve the best they possible can. She throughly deserves this award.
My daughter worked with you at nursery, I remember she really enjoyed the classes.
My son was falling behind at school and as he is now in year 6 we decided to get some extra help in preparation for secondary school and his upcoming SATS. Adele was very helpful and sent out a brilliant tutor called Gemma. Lewis is really relaxed with her, enjoys the sessions and has found it really helpful. It is great to see him bouncing with confidence, when in the past he has suffered low self esteem and lack of interest in school work. I am so happy that we have the extra support and cant thank Adele and her team enough. Highly recommend!!!
Adele visits are nursery every week and is absolutely brilliant with the children they love her. She always gets them really involve with the activities and they are always smiling and laughing I can't think of anyone better to teach the children
Adele is simply fantastic. I have worked along side her in a nursery setting and seen how enthusiastic and professional she is. I didn't hesitate to get my son enrolled onto one of her classes. He absolutlet loved it!! I would always reccommend Adele to family and friends and really do believe she deserves this recognition. Hope my children get to work with her again in the future.
Adele is a fantastic, friendly, fun tutor. My son thoroughly enjoys the SATS classes he attends and is improving in confidence and understanding. My daughter is also tutored by one of Adele's team and she absolutely loves her sessions and is gaining great confidence. They have a great rapport! Fantastic service!!!
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