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Monday 27th May sees the beginning of National BBQ Week!
29th May 2019
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National BBQ Week is celebrating its 23rd Anniversary, from the 27th May to 2nd June local restaurants, hotels, pubs and other eateries plus the home BBQ fans will be getting fired up to produce mouth-watering food that is typically British but with variations on the theme from across the globe no doubt. Many of us will innovate bringing in our own variations and creations to suit our personal and family tastes. Certainly we Brits have come a long way since the days of burnt offerings of greasy food and soggy bread buns. Thanks to cultural diversity ‘the British taste’ has become more sophisticated, the influence of Celebrity chefs on our televisions screens has also helped with clever ideas aplenty. One thing remains constant, our love of al fresco dining and partying, thanks to excellent outdoor furniture and lightweight coverings the BBQ is no longer the cold, wind and rain swept disaster that it once was.


The Catering industry locally, in the shape of our many fine pubs, hotels, restaurants and similar eateries will be gearing up to celebrate National BBQ Week so why not see what your ‘local’ has planned? Keep an eye on the media, check the venues online, ask about who is doing what to excite your interest.

Alternatively, why not have a word with your local cricket club, social club, or voluntary organisation etc and see about setting up a BBQ for the community to enjoy? And, don’t forget the people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy a BBQ, i.e. our elderly folks and other people who would love a day out in the fresh air.


So what shall we cook? Why not try?


Plenty of fresh salad items and vegetable/halloumiburgers,

Kababs are fun and can be veggie or used to cook lamb, beef, and pork with tomatoes and mushrooms etc,

Fish is great on the BBQ, but you may have to invest in specially designed fish cooking ‘holders’, they are not expensive and are worth the investment,

Wings, chicken wings are fabulous on the BBQ as are chicken drumsticks, with a honey or chilli glaze they are even better!

Corn on the cob, hot and sizzling and with lashings of butter – start your diet on Monday...,

BBQed oysters in-shell with garlic, and salad, and something light and white to drink.

The varieties are amazing, take a look at the many ideas on the internet for fantastic new ways to enjoy your BBQ.


Please, not BBQ’s must be used with care, by adults, and the food must be fully cooked for everyone to be able to enjoy it to the full whilst avoiding accidents.


The Best of Taunton and Bridgwater wishes everybody a happy National BBQ Week, plus good weather and a wonderful time. Enjoy.




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