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Friday 25th May Heralds The Beginning of English Wine Week
29th May 2019
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Organiser of English Wine Week, English Wine Producers, say there are around 577 vineyards across the Country as a whole. Depending on the outcome of Brexit, English wines may well become very much more popular because there will not be any import tariffs on home grown produce. However, the benefits of English wine are far more enjoyable than politics or economics, the proof is in the tasting!


It was believed, once upon a time, that Europe was true home of good wine, especially with the connoisseurs. Following the Californian success as a major wine producer came the producers of South Africa, South America etc.


However, in recent years English vineyards have made great strides, the quality of English Wine is award winning and very palatable, plus the carbon footprint of English wines is far better than anything produced overseas and transported around the world to our consumers.


If they haven’t already Local Vineyards and retailers of English Wines are urged to join in with those who already have their events planned. Get busy and keep us posted.


English Wines Week is the perfect opportunity to salute the excellence of our home-produced wines. Wine lovers are advised look out for local wine tasting events, vineyard tours and production facilities where families can witness how fine wines are created for the table.


Approximately 60% of UK adults now enjoy wine rather than other alcoholic beverages which means there are more than 30 million wine consumers nationwide, that is an enormous market for English Wine Producers without looking beyond our borders. Consumers – why buy anything else?


Stuck in the mindset that foreign wines are best? Forget it, the UK wine industry can boast considerable growth, is one of the most influential and diverse in the world, is worth approximately £17 billion to the UK economy, employs about 270,000 people, and contributes £8.6 billion to the public finances annually.

Buying English wine never made more sense, not only is Buy British very savvy economically but to Buy English Wines is to enjoy the best!

Cheers from the Best of Taunton and Bridgwater.



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