19th January 2016
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Most motorists understand that keeping car paintwork in good condition prevents rust, both extending the life of their car and maintaining its value. However, whilst repairing major damage is a given, minor damage such as scratches, scuffs and bumps are often left, either due to concerns about cost, or the inconvenience of having the car off the road for a couple of days or more in a body shop.

However, as Winter draws nearer, motoring experts agree that minor damage can turn into a major headache. The AA had advised, “Check for stone chips as rust forms very quickly in the cold, damp weather,” while Clive Bariana of leading automotive paintwork repair specialist ChipsAway, adds, “It certainly pays to repair even small scuffs and scratches, as these can spread into larger areas of rust, ultimately costing you dearly if left untreated.”

ChipsAway uses a system which can repair small areas of damage within only a few hours and at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shop repair methods. What’s more, because ChipsAway operates fully equipped mobile workshops, Clive can come to your home (or your place of work) and undertake the repair at your convenience, restoring your car to showroom condition, prolonging its life and improving its resale value.

For further advice about winter motoring, visit the AA website or contact ChipsAway Clive on 0800 028 7878/07710021814for more information about maintaining your paintwork.

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