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Car dents and chips
Car dents and chips
Fed up of those scrapes, dents and chips? Maybe your insurance excess is stopping your from having them repaired? Fleet cars, leased cars, and commercial vehicles come to the end of their lease plan. This is also true of Personal Contract Purchase (PCP’s), at the end of the plan there is usually a ‘balloon’ to settle. Whether the vehicle is to be kept, or not, it is worth having it ‘spruced up’ before termination. A PCP is common amongst private motorists because it reduces the payments during the plan, but there is usually a (large) balloon payment to pay at the end of the plan, or the option to hand the vehicle back and start again, if the car is in poor condition it may affect its value on changeover.
Dealing with those damaging scratches and chips caused by stones thrown up, and of course the odd scratch added by one’s own driving scrapes, is best done by professionals to maintain the good looks of the vehicle and its value when it comes to selling. In addition, the surfaces and paints that are used in modern cars and commercial vehicles are complex and require special treatment to ensure the true colour scheme is retained.
Maintain your alloy wheels
Maintain your alloy wheels
Alloy wheels is known to be better than usual steel wheels especially for those who are into car racing. Wheels made from alloy are generally much lighter and can help in handling your car more efficiently. However, alloy wheels need to be maintained and cared for. Here are the tips on how you can maintain and take care of your alloy wheels to prolong its life.
Paint scratches on your car decrease the value of your car and are very unsightly. Once you ignore the paint scratches and if you neglect the scratch, it can lead to chronic and escalating rust problems.
Most motorists understand that keeping car paintwork in good condition prevents rust, both extending the life of their car and maintaining its value.
Many of us love to keep our cars in tip top condition, but so much can happen to them out on the road or even when they are parked.
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The Purification team are that the Spring Fair
Purification will at the Lichfields Spring fair today
The best of Tamworth is proud to tell you all that Puification will be addending the lichfields spring fair TODAY
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