Why You Should Pay a Professional to Repair Stone Chips & Scratches
30th November 2015
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Many of us love to keep our cars in tip top condition, but so much can happen to them out on the road or even when they are parked. 

General wear and tear can be caused whilst you’re driving simply by stones flicking up and hitting the body of the vehicle.  Alternatively, scuffs and scratches appear on doors when others open their car doors into yours in car parks.  There are also acts of vandalism that can cause damage, the common one is having your car keyed, this is when someone chooses to scrape a key down the side of your car. 

There is a range of products on the market to help make repairs and provide a quick fix to chips and scratches on cars.  These are often temporary solution and repairs are evident on the car.  So, why should you opt to use a professional paint repairer to maintain your car?

Knowledge & Experience – A paint repair specialist will have worked on many vehicles of all shapes and sizes.  They will be familiar with scuffs and scratches and will know exactly how to repair them.  You can buy DIY repair kits, but these are not bespoke and may not work on your particular vehicle.  When you make your own repairs, it is possible that you many cause further damage through a lack of experience.

Colour Matching – Cars are available in numerous colours, shades and finishes and it can sometimes be impossible for you to match the colour perfectly using an off the shelf product.  Your professional paint repairer has access to just about every car colour chart and is able to match the colour effectively using their stock of paints following the recipe or method that the colour chart supplies them with. 

Usage & Wastage – You many find when experimenting with your own repairs that you have to purchase a lot of products to get the match you need for your car.  A paint repair specialist will hold stocks of paints, fillers and all of the correct components to make a full repair to the paintwork on your car.  It’s therefore more cost effective to use their service and materials for the repair. 

It Never Happened – Most DIY repairs are very apparent, because of the products used or the method in which the work has been done.  Off the shelf products will only provide so much of the solution for each repair.  When you use a paint repair specialist, they’ll build the paintwork back up correctly and match the colour too; the repair will be flawless and you’ll never know that your car was scratched, scuffed or chipped when they have completed the repair. 


In Tamworth when repairs need to be carried out on their cars, customers call Clive Bariana from ChipsAway, because he does a superb job of repairing paint chips, scratches and scuffs. 


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