Maintain your alloy wheels
7th December 2016
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Wash the wheels regularly

Your alloy wheels will accumulate dirt over time so you need to wash it regularly. At least once a week will suffice depending on how often you use your vehicle. Also, make sure that you wash while it’s still cool to avoid deforming your disk brake rotors which might happen if the wheels are cooled quickly with water. it’s best to have the wheels cleaned even before using it.

Use mild soap and materials

A mild soap and simple microfiber cloth are all you need to wash your alloy wheels. You don’t have to worry about expensive car cleaning detergents. Most chemical cleaners can really remove the dirt and grime that has built up on your alloy wheel but it might also affect the clear coat of the surface of your alloy wheels. This protective coating is important to prevent discolouration and clouding.

If in doubt, trust the professionals

If you’re still unsure on how you will handle your precious alloy wheels, you can always depend on professional car servicing such as Chips Away Car Servicing Centre. Their years of expertise in taking care different vehicles ensures that your alloy wheels are in good condition and in tip top shape. Join the thousands of satisfied Chips Away Car Servicing Centre customers and see for yourself.

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