Facebook advises "don't meet someone you don't know" is there some irony here?
9th March 2010
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Facebook.... What is it for? Well, if you are aware of the story about a convicted sex offender killing a 17 year old girl after befriending her online then you would think that the site is rife with peaodophiles. This is not the case actually - but it does provide another route through which they can operate. The big question is how can you prevent it happening. well you can't! That's the ironic thing about this story and the advice being given by Facebook, "don't meet someone you don't know"  That's the whole point of Facebook - getting to know someone new or have I missed something here. This is my opinion of course and I wish I had some positive advice to give but technology moves faster than advice and guidance can. I would have thought Facebook could do more. 

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