ChipsAway Tamworth (Clive Bariana)

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ChipsAway Tamworth provides a mobile, vehicle body repair service across Tamworth and surrounding areas. Whether a small scratch, bumper scuff or minor dent, ChipsAway smart repairs can fix damaged bodywork at a time and location that suits you.

Completely Mobile

Whether at home or your workplace, ChipsAway vans are fully equipped workshops, carrying all the tools needed to complete a repair within a few hours.  There’s no need to take time off work or lose the use of your car for a few days; ChipsAway’s professional and convenient service is designed to take the hassle out of a repair.

Clive Bariana is your local ChipsAway specialist, and has been involved in the motor industry for over 14 years.

Unique Paint Matching System

Approved by the AA and BVRLA, as well as being accredited by the Quality Assured Awards, ChipsAway guarantees to match any car manufacturers’ paint colour, leaving a seamless and invisible finish and the car looking like new.


ChipsAway can……

  • Work on any make or model of car

  • Repair anything from a scratch caused by a supermarket trolley to a dent from reversing into bollard

ChipsAway will......

  • Repair your vehicle within a few hours

  • Carry out repairs to a high quality commercial standard

  • Charge you a fraction of the price of a traditional body shop

  • Give you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all repairs for as long as you own the car


Clive is already well established and trusted by many vehicle owners within Tamworth.  One of his happy customers told us…

“The paint match is incredible; you’d never know that there’d been damage there.”


If you need to get a scratch or dent repaired on your vehicle, why not give Clive at ChipsAway a call today and see how he can effortlessly restore your pride and joy!

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