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360 Vehicle Leasing, Bury

I came across 360 Leasing whilst searching for a new car for myself. They are an internet based business so of course this raises a worry for most people. Their prices were excellent so I did all the checks I possibly could before taking the plunge. In the present long delivery market car dealers are taking all the profit they can from deals and discounts are far and few between. I ordered a Lexus from them on a delivery that was far better than my local dealers could offer. No deposit was required which added to my good feeling about them. Unfortunately Lexus proved to be a bad choice as Lexus were unable to supply the spec I had ordered. No drama with 360, Chris and the guys there dealt with the cancellation and within a few weeks I had an alternative vehicle on order. Last December I had ordered a vehicle for my daughter from the local Hyundai dealer, who had promised an April/ May delivery. This came and went and last month had revised the delivery to end Sept but with no chassis number allocated this was unlikely to happen. I contacted 360 again and yesterday my daughter was the proud owner of not only the car she had ordered but a better specification for a great price. Would I recommend these Guys, without reservation. They are easy to deal with and respond to a mail usually within hours. If your looking for a new car, perhaps give them a call. Andy Evans, Swansea