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The Balance Collective - Return to Work, Career, Work-Life Balance & Confidence Coach for Parents
Member since: 10th June 2016
Last login: 18th August 2017
Hometown: Sutton Coldfield
I’m Clara Wilcox, of The Balance Collective, and I work with parents who are struggling with their career choices. I help them to return to work, carve out their ideal career or business and regain their confidence so that they can have the balance in the life that supports both their family and their personal aspirations.

Coaching for clarity, focus and confidence. Transforming the careers and lives of parents. Get the Balance you want!

I have built on my thirteen years of recruitment, leadership, and coaching experience, and the most important qualification of all, being a parent, to create The Balance Collective.

I have a positive, practical and realistic approach to coaching; to empower you to make those calculated leaps of faith to be exactly who you want to be. For You: For Your Family.

Hear from some of my recent clients

I connect talented professionals with organisations seeking flexible workers from all sectors and skills bases through the job boards hosted on

The Balance Collective’s social aims are to reduce underemployment in mothers; the vision is to create grants which help individuals in all walks of life to retrain and upskill.