FOLIO Sutton Coldfield
FOLIO Sutton Coldfield
  • Lower Parade
    Sutton Coldfield
    B72 1XX
FOLIO Sutton Coldfield is a Registered Charity (No. 1175929, registered in England and Wales). We are a community group of Sutton Coldfield residents who want to see our public libraries not just survive, but thrive at the heart of our community.

FOLIO stands for Friends Of Libraries In Our… Sutton Coldfield. We hope it captures a sense of community, a broader recognition of the library service where we live, and that our library has an archive and of course, plenty of books!


Our Mission
We want to see our public libraries thrive at heart of our community. We aim to do this by:

(a) supporting and promoting the current library service in Sutton Coldfield;

(b) facilitating educational courses and events in libraries and through library outreach.

FOLIO Sutton Coldfield intends to raise funds to host events and fund projects within or in support of libraries in Sutton Coldfield.

In the first instance our focus will be on supporting the main library in the town centre, which is the only library in the area that has been threatened with closure.

FOLIO Sutton Coldfield is currently working on an ambitious project to bring a play café into the town library, using space which Birmingham City Council intends to let out commercially. Such a project will bring rental income to the library (helping to keep it open), and will increase library use, particularly among families with young children. The intention is also to use such a space to host events for the benefit of the library and the whole community.

Once our plans for the play café are in place we will be able to focus on fundraising for and facilitating through various means a whole host of different activities in Sutton Coldfield libraries. This could be everything from additional storytimes through to local history lectures, exhibitions by local artists and teen writing groups. What we fundraise for and help to deliver will be informed by the feedback we receive from local residents. If you’ve an idea of what you’d like to see take place in your local library, please drop us a line on