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Manage, develop, empower, engage, succeed is the centre of Cherry Allen, HR Training and Coaching.

With a passion for people and a belief that people are the greatest asset in an organisation, Cherry Allen has a firm history of success in development and making people management work.

Cherry Allen HR Training and Coaching can provide a service to all types of organisation as the service is flexible and needs driven.

Are you a new business about to employ for the first time? A very cost effective start up package is available for new businesses employees, to get you guide you through employing staff leaving you free to drive your new venture to success.

All organisations need employees performing effectively and with a reputation for information filled, friendly, enjoyable training, let Cherry Allen develop your people.

Cherry Allen, HR Training and Coaching works and can provide everything you need from an HR Manager, taking the weight off your shoulders. Never again spend your precious time wading through employment law updates to decipher what you need to do. Let Cherry Allen do it all for you.

Employee Relations issues can escalate quickly and result in disharmony, negative atmospheres, wasted time and costs. Using Cherry Allen, you are assured that as soon as an issue a rises, solutions will be discussed.

Cherry Allen also provides extensive coaching support to help you and your people find the solutions.

With extensive knowledge, experience and skills in each of the three key areas you can rest easy, that you will be in safe hands and receive a high quality service at a VERY affordable price.

Let Cherry Allen look after your people while you look after your business.