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from Obese to the London Marathon my life my way is a journey like no other and is where its at
I am holding my 3rd Black Tie and Posh Frocks charity Ball in aid of children with cancer uk

1 pre dinner drink on entry
1st July 2017 6:30pm sharp sitting for 7pm for a three course meal


raffle and auction top prizes to win

£55. per adult £500 per table of ten

If you are fed up with being told to spend money on fad diets that cost you too much money and the weight is not shifting then you need to wake up and realize you are wasting your money, by visiting my website you can view everything about how I changed my lifestyle for a healthier and fitter lifestyle, you will see why I have become a mentor whos a true believer that diets and exercise goes together with a mindset that will give you excellent results like me

I truly believe I can save the NHS millions with my way of approach to Obesity and believe their is too many companies taking billions around the world at your expense when your health is the most important thing your body needs to enjoy life the way you hope to. follow my journey and stay in touch and see what I can do for you weather its a public speaking event to focusing on your mindset we can do it together. and achieve results the right way