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Wyzkey Ltd offers IT Support and Advice to small businesses in and around the Sudbury and West Suffolk area



Wyzkey was founded by John Wiseman in 2015. They provide IT support and advice to small businesses that increasingly rely on technology, but do not have in-house support staff to support and maintain it effectively.

John has over 20 years experience, working at a senior level at Barclays Bank. His extensive experience means he is able to advise on many business related challenges, beyond that of just fixing IT issues. Whether it’s working with a small business to help create an IT Strategy, that saves both time and money, or advising on process improvements he will also ensure that the technology used is current and supportable.

Wyzkey aims to work with businesses, becoming a trusted advisor, allowing you to achieve your business goals, without the headache and distraction IT issues can create. 


How Wyzkey can help your business 

Online Monitoring & Remote Access

Wyzkey offer online monitoring of their customer systems and can remotely resolve any problems. Their monitoring software undertakes regular checks on monitored devices and reports the outcome back to the monitoring dashboard. Highlighted issues can be investigated and fixed, often without even interrupting the user. If access to the machine is required, their remote access software allows quick and easy resolution of problems.

IT Support Contracts

Wyzkey’s flexible contracts mean that you can choose the level of support that suits your business. Their Support Contracts can include firewalls, antivirus, security configuration, patch management and updates together with IT advice and day to day incident resolution. Whether you choose to use Wyzkey as your IT department or as additional support, working alongside your existing IT team, they can remove some of the pressure and deal with your users directly.

Office 365 set-up and on-going Support

As a Microsoft Partner, Wyzkey can install and support Office 365 for your business. If your company is growing and you’re employing more staff or contractors, Office 365 & Wyzkey can support that growth. Wyzkey can setup your Office 365 domain and licence your users. Email, cloud file storage and Office software configuration can all be handled for you. Managing the change of users is essential to ensure only authorised users have access and setting up mail forwarding or changing access to company data of former employees means no correspondence, lead or sale opportunity goes unread.


Back up & Recovery

 Can you imagine if someone broke into your office, stole your computers with all your business data or you suffered floods or electrical damage? Business’s have closed because their data wasn’t backed up securely and therefore lost forever. Don’t let that be you! Wyzkey can make sure your data is safe, backing up data locally and to the cloud for offsite resilience. They will help create a recovery plan so should the worst happen, you can be up and running your business as soon as possible.


Security & Patch Management

Microsoft, Apple and other software developers regularly release patches to prevent any bugs or vulnerabilities throughout their operating systems and application software. These patches prevent hackers from doing untold damage and exploiting faults. Its therefore important that updates are installed regularly to secure your devices. Wyzkey can manage this process for you, keeping you up to date and secure.


One off Support for IT Emergencies

If you’re not on a Support Contract, Wyzkey are happy to help fix any IT emergencies or offer any advice. Just get in touch


Project Support, Office Moves & New Hardware Installations

Moving office can come with many problems and no one wants IT to be one of them. Wyzkey can help with this, so the move into your new office goes smoothly.

Or maybe you’re planning on upgrading your hardware. Wyzkey can assist in the procurement and installation of new computers, servers and printers. This includes any networking equipment that needs to be installed

They can help plan for new software versions or upgrades. As an example, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 in January 2020 and users should upgrade to a supported version by then. Planning with an expert will save your time, money and keep your stress levels down.


Microsoft & Dropbox Partners

As an official Microsoft Partner, Wyzkey can sell and support Microsoft Products. As a Partner, not only is all work done to the standard Microsoft expects, but they have access to extra Microsoft resources including support from Microsoft personnel. 

Wyzkey can also set up, sell and manage Dropbox accounts

 If you’d like to get in touch with Wyzkey, please get in touch with them here

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