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Love it. Best most loving caring staff - my kids have grown up so beautifully here
My son has being going there since he was tiny and he loves it. He has settled into each room well and has bonds with all the staff. When he drops him off he runs off happily
Great friendly staff. Really happy that they are doing a good job looking after our child.
Elroy has settled well and is making good friends. He is being taken care of by very caring staff. Well done.
Both my children love their time at nursery. It's great they spend lots of time outside doing activities and going on trips. The staff are professional, kind and caring and support the children with enthusiasm. Their development is monitored well and they are always kept busy. My children have flourished there.
I love the care and attention that woodpeckers gives - run by one extraordinarily lovely family, it emits a loving, playful, energetic and yet calm vibe perfect for learning and growing. Both my kids are so happy there - it adds so much to our life as a family. Special shout out to Meghan, Georgia, Tina and Carol. You are all amazing.
Both my children (2.5 boy and 8 months old girl) go to woodpeckers. It’s heaven. They create and foster a beautiful environment of play and learning - the staff are amazing. Run by a lovely family who care deeply and it shows.
Our 3 year old son has been going to woodpeckers nursery for 2 years. I cannot rate woodpeckers highly enough. Our son loves going to nursery and the staff are so professional and are very caring towards all of the children. Our son is currently learning French as part of his learning and we are very impressed that they are teaching a foreign language at such a early age. The staff are very friendly towards all of the children and parents and we would recommend woodpeckers to any parents seeking to find a nursery for their child.
My little boy has been going since he was 9 months now 19 months. Loved going and playing and interacting with the other children. They have a fantastic garden area with chickens! Also horses and ducks just round the corner! The staff are all fantastic!
My daughter (now 11 years old) went to Woodpeckers and now my son (3 years old) does. We find Jeff and Deidre and their team to be extremely professional, very caring and encourage- in a nice play way - learning. A great nursery.
Fantastic nursery. Easily the best one I’ve visited and they are great with my son who gets upset when I leave him. Not many that accommodate shift workers like Woodpeckers. Can’t recommend them enough!
Woodpeckers is a lovely nursery, the ethos is exactly what we were looking for for our son. He loved nursery and the staff make such an effort to ensure they have a range of activities.
Woodpeckers is great. My 3 boys all started at 18 months and they really enjoy it. Staff are caring,helpful and are always encouraging my boys. The food at woodpeckets is also home cooked with chef on site and always healthy. Highly recommend woodpeckers
Woodpeckers Nusery in one word “Amazing “ My son loves it here. He has been at woodpecker since he was two years old and I wouldn’t have him go anywhere else. The staff do amazing job looking after the children, arranging lots of activities for them so no day is ever the same. My son always comes home smiling and excited to tell me about the day he has had. He also tells me they cook great dinners. 😊
I think Jeff and Deidre are running an amazing nursery. My son has been going for over a year now, never had any problems. If I have issues with payments they always understand. All the staff are friendly, helpful and amazing. I do have nurseries closer to home but would rather travel. It is definitely worth it. I would recommend it to anyone
Used woodpeckers since 2010. Both my children went to woodpeckers from 10 months old. All the staff are great. Youngest needed lots of time to settle in but they were really patient and now she loves it there. Always do lots of different activities including tips out, french lessons, music and special days. Food is really good. Highly recommend to parents looking for a local nursery.
A great environment for little ones! Staff are friendly and relaxed and have done a great job caring for my little boy since he was 6 months old and preparing him for starting school in September.
I was so apprehensive about leaving my son but when I looked at Woodpeckers’s I instantly felt happier. The staff are amazing and they do so much for the children. My son gets so upset when I drop him off but they calm him down and he always has a brilliant time once he’s there. I always recommend woodpeckers to my friends.
We moved to Sudbury in June 2016. Completely new to the area finding a suitable nursery place for our daughter was high on our list of things to do. We read all the reviews and arranged to visit the top six. Woodpeckers stood out as a home from home for our daughter. A family atmosphere, complete care and security fulfilled our needs. Woodpeckers has exceeded our expectations and my daughter loves going to nursery. Staff and management do a wonderful job. We really appreciate their efforts. Highly recommended.
This is where my daughter has nursery and she loves it there. They are great with teaching her new skills and interacting with other children. They are very friendly and the staff are lovely.
I have been using Woodpeckers for almost 8 years and have always been very happy with the way my daughters have been cared for. They are communicative and helpful, I would highly recommend this nursery.
My youngest daughter spent 3 wonderful years at Woodpeckers. She loved it so much and even though she's now 10, she still remembers the staff that looked after her. From the moment I dropped her off, to when I picked her up, she was full of smiles.
Woodpeckers staff have been brilliant since day one! They are incredibly patient, kind and helpful. My little boy loves going to his ‘little school’ his development is thriving! The nursery has an excellent outdoor space that my son loves with chickens and a sandpit, a boat, construction area and plenty of space to run around. His key workers have given him time, space and attention to help him have lots of opportunities and experiences. They have great resources and do lots of activities outside of the nursery such as forest school, seaside trips and parties. Couldn’t recommend them enough!
I run fortnightly music lessons at Woodpeckers and I would recommend this lovely nursery. It had a wonderful family atmosphere and I have observed that the staff work extremely hard to ensure the children are safe and have enormous amounts of fun whilst playing and learning.
My son goes to woodpecker nursery. I think it's a lovely place for kids. Friendly staff they are very helpful and always happy. I love the fact they have different type of animals there which my son loves.
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In August 2019
Dolly said

Dear Jeff & Deirdre Thank you for all your hard work in Woodpeckers. You have created such a safe and stimulating environment for Dolly and will always have a special place for us.