Why use testimonials?
21st May 2012
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In the course of our working week we meet many businesses in all sectors. Some are our clients, some might become clients or others are suppliers to us as a business or as individuals.

It is amazing the difference these businesses have in their understanding, and use of testimonials. Some don't collect them, some do collect them but do nothing with them and others (the minority it has to be said) collect and use them as a marketing tool.

Testimonials are very powerful and one of the best tools any business can use to not only endorse their product/service but also to increase awareness and raise their profile. But only if used correctly. There is no use in a business collecting a testimonial from a customer and then filing it away in the office, or pinning it up on an internal notice board.  If your customers are saying nice things about you, let people know!

"Ah!" people say "all very well and good, but what do we do with testimonials then?"  Well here at The Best of Stratford each of our featured businesses has their testimonials collated by us, and then published next to their feature. Not only that, but they are also fed out through social media outlets and each week our "testimonial of the week" is published in our weekly newsletter which goes out to over 2,000 local people.

Testimonials can help your business, but only if used correctly.



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