Warmth from Your Conservatory Roof,
27th March 2017
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Certainly, as we progress towards high summer there should be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the warm fresh air.

However, this luxury may be enjoyed throughout the year due to high-tech roofing by Windows Are Us.

The Team at Windows Are Us/Improve Your Roof of Stratford upon Avon have taken this idea to a new level, having a warm roof now means a good deal more.

Windows Are Us/Improve Your Roof with ‘Thermal Warm Roof’ replaces existing glass or poly carbonate roofing with their unique waterproof and good looking timber design product that has been manufactured and well tested in advance away from site to ensure its effectiveness. Once it is ready the roof is reassembled to replace the roof of your conservatory. Please, note that Windows Are Us/Improve Your Roof will completely replace the former roofing materials on your conservatory.

The new roofing is safer, more secure, and is totally weather proof being able to achieve its top thermal performance even in rainy, snowy, or windy conditions. The Improve Your Roof system is structurally tested, to ensure it will withstand the weight and stress, and uses the highest performing Insulation Materials throughout.

The design creates a roof that is very strong but light.

The State of the Art ‘Actis Hybris’ and ‘HControl Hybrid’ insulation boasts an unrivalled thermal performance, and coupled together with heat retaining plasterboard, this insures your conservatory will be warmer in Winter and cool in Summer. The roof tiles come in a wide variety of colours and styles, complemented by high performance, breathable membrane and an advanced click and fit system.
Your roof will be secure and water tight for many years to come.

Windows Are Us/Improve Your Roof are totally committed to providing safe, stylish and affordable roof replacement solutions. They have vast knowledge and experience of the home improvement marketplace and are passionate about the way in which their Thermal Roof System can vastly improve one’s home extensions and conservatories to enhance living space and add value to your home.

Windows Are Us are warmly recommended by The Best of UK bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

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