The human car park attendant in Stratford
26th October 2011
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Last week I parked up in Rother Street car park. I went to the machine as usual, fed in my coins, retrieved my ticket and then left it on display on the dashboard.

Several hours later after having business meetings in the town I returned to Rother street and my car only to find a car park attendant standing over it issuing a ticket. I was approximately four minutes late, but I felt that issuing a ticket for a four minute over stay was a bit harsh. However the fine was being issued because  there was no valid ticket on display in my car. I knew I had bought a ticket and I knew I had left it in the car, but true enough I couldn't see it either.  I explained all this to the attendant who listened patiently but said he had to issue a fine as I had parked without paying. When I opened the car door I found the ticket on the floor where it must have fallen. Bearing in mind the rules are pay and display  I assumed that I was still going to receive a fine, but to my amazement the attendant checked my ticket, apologised for any inconvenience, wished me good day and walked off.

It's very easy to report negative things, but this incident just goes to show there are still decent, understanding people out there who are a credit to the organisations they work for.

The Best of Stratford says Thank you.

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