The Difference Between uPVC, Wood and Aluminium Windows Explained
18th May 2017
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Advantages to its use include safety, water resistance – it will not absorb water, is very low maintenance, will not warp, go rusty, lose its colour – no need to paint it, resistant to very bad weather conditions and will retain its good looks for years to come. The only maintenance required is a wash every now and then.

uPVC is fire resistant, and is completely recyclable at the end of its lifetime, making it one of the more environmentally friendly building materials in use.  Builders and tradespeople love to use uPVC because of its lightweight and tough characteristics, making it easy to work with, and cost effective.

uPVC is very aesthetically appealing when used for doors, and window frames and is available in attractive timber-look finishes, mostly white or ivory but advances in technology means that more colours are being introduced. Ask Windows Are Us of Stratford upon Avon for advice and to see examples.

Aluminium frames, are not just strong, they’re also incredibly lightweight, and they are able to support more weight, being up to 3.5 x stronger than uPVC. Aluminium frames are slim, giving extra space for glazing without the need for a bigger cavity, the benefit is that more light filters through to ones living or working space.


As Aluminium is safe material, heat and fire do not touch it and it keeps its shape in high temperatures and will last longer. With such great durability aluminium frames also withstand heavy weathering and even stand up to notoriously tough coastal conditions, plus it will not rot or corrode.

Check with Windows Are Us about styles of Aluminium Window frames.

Wooden windows are:

Environmentally friendly compared to ‘manufactured’ product, wood from sustainably sourced suppliers does not cost the earth.

Timber window products have a negative global warming potential (GWP) meaning that over their 60 years plus life they reduce the amount of C02e in the atmosphere.


Hard wood windows have a service life of at least twice that of uPVC windows meaning that replacement is less frequent. With some TLC, the frames can have a greatly extended life and remain good-looking.


All timber window frames offer better long-term value than uPVC.

Wooden window frames can be more easily custom made on site for ease of use.

Still not sure? Talk to Windows Are Us of Stratford upon Avon, our local window specialist.

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