Stratford upon Avon Town Square
23rd November 2013
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Stratford upon Avon town is a fantastic place. The main streets and side streets are full of character and quirky buildings. Any day of the week you will see tourists (sometimes oblivious to anything else including traffic!) stopping to take photographs.

However there is a particular part of the town centre which is somewhat less than attractive. The Town Square.

More than 12 months ago planning permission was granted for the redevelopment of the area. But still nothing has happened. There have been rumours of multi screen cinemas, celebrity restaurants, casinos etc. 

But here is a novel idea - why not ask the people and businesses of Stratford upon Avon what they would like to see happen? 

Some of the suggestions we have heard have included an Ice Rink, a Bowling Alley, a market area (a sort of mini Covent Garden).  The one thing nobody has suggested is more restaurants.

So come on London and Regional Properties (the leaseholders) and Stratford Council - ask the people and get a move on!

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