Santa's Grotto - Stratford upon Avon
1st December 2009
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Last Thursday was the turning on of the lights in Stratford and unfortunately due to the baby falling asleep we did not make it to Stratford in time to see them. However we did still venture into Stratford to see the Christmas market and to show Jack the lights once they were on.

After having a walk around the market we decided to have a look at the Grotto which is a completely new thing for Stratford and judging from the uge queue to get in everyone was excited about it. We decided to jump in the queue so Jack could meet Santa on his first Cristmas. We waited int he queue for a good hour but the musicians and Town Hosts kept us occupied.

When we reached the Grotto it was quite impressive, all magical and snowy inside and had a real Christmas feel to it. It was  a shame that the shop wasnt big enough to put more of a display on so you could have a walk around in there after the long wait. Anyway Jack got in to meet santa and got a present of a DVD which was pretty good as they normally get a selection box. The other kids coming out seemed to have pretty good presets too.

You also get your picture taken with Santa and these are done by Wink Photography based in Stratford. They take a few snaps of the children with Santa and are waiting on a screen for when you get out. We decided to get 3 pics as the deal of 3 for £10 was very good so we had 1 for each Nanny and one for us to keep.

I would recommend anyone go to the Grotto as it really is great for the Kids to meet Santa in Stratford and Wink do a great job with the photos should you wish to buy them at the end.

I forgot to mention their is also an Elves workshop which gives bigger kids the option to write a message and put it on the Christmas tree. Some of the requests were brilliant, one lad wanted to be bigger! haha

For more info on wink visit their website at

Have a great Christmas



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