Replacing the guttering on your home
23rd November 2016
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Just like any other appliance or part in our house, gutters also become weary over time and will be needing replacement once it starts to fail. Time will come that it will need replacing and you really have to replace it. If you’re having thoughts of replacing your worn out gutters due to different reasons, here are the reasons why you should

It’s cheaper

Yes, it’s cheaper in a long run. Defective gutters cannot prevent water from damaging your house’s foundations and other parts that it usually protects from rain. It may cost you now but you’ll end up spending more if you fail to change your house’s gutter and water damage starts to set in on the foundations.

Prevents rot

Since defective gutter can’t keep away the water from where the water shouldn’t be flowing, that part will start to rot eventually which can lead to a more expensive repairs in the future. Replacing your gutters with new ones will ensure that this won’t happen and the parts of the house that need to stay dry will always be dry.

Protect your garden / backyard

Rain that flows or leaks from defective gutter can end up on your garden or backyard which will cause puddles of water all over the lot and erosion of soil from the ground. Your functioning and brand new gutter will direct the water away from your garden and background thus minimising the possible erosion.

Helps in keeping foundations stable

This is the most important function of your gutters. Water that gets stored near your house’s foundation will find its way to seep under it. This can cause a separation of your home’s foundation from where it should be attached. Over time, this can pose as a hazard not only to your home but also on your family.

Now is the time to have your gutters checked and replaced. With the help of Windows Are Us, you can be rest assured that your home gutters will be replaced with the best quality materials, protecting your home from any future damage caused by rain.

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