Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!! In Stratford
6th January 2010
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If your like me you will be loving the snow in Stratford at the minute! I am having a great time, snow ball throwing, snowman making, slipping and sliding everywhere, this really is GREAT!!!

Unfortunatly England was not built for snow and it appears that everytime we have snow or a bit of cold the whole country goes MENTAL!!! Trains stop their services, Airports come to a stand still, the AA have their busiest day ever, Schools Close and people just cant cope.

So why does America cope so well? Whe I was in New York a few years ago the snow was 10 times worse than it is here yet we caught taxis, underground trains, and flew into JFK whilst it was snowing. I dont know why that is how it is but Americans react to the snow alot quicker than we do, gritters our out constantly, people can drive in the snow so why does England come to a standstill???

Lots of schools have been closed today in Stratford and the surrounding areas and no doubt they will be closed again tomorrow.

If you have any info on school closures tomorrow just add them on here for other people to see.


So my advice for the snow and cold weather is to wrap up warm, buy a sledge, get some snowball throwing gloves and make the most of it!!! I know i will!!!

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